A little spoof on Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest

Here’s a little commercial we shot while we were home for Christmas as a bit of a spoof on all of those Crash the Superbowl commercials for Doritos. We’ve had many friends enter the contest over the past few years, and known quite a few winners who aired during the Super Bowl.

Of course, given the story of ours, we couldn’t enter ourselves with this one. Doritos wouldn’t be very interested. However, this is based on a humorously true story. When it happened, we knew we had to shoot it.

My nephew Jake, the kid starring in this, came home from a home school convention much wiser about health foods. When my husband, Chris (the other star of this commercial) was about to eat Doritos, Jake threw this fit, trying to take them away so he could let him know all the bad ingredients they contained. I won’t tell you how the situation turned out. You’ll have to watch.

Enjoy the little story we call: “Doritos Interception”