Writing for Kids / Young Adults

Most recently I’ve been writing for Superbook, CBN’s kids animated series that brings Bible stories to life.

Superbook’s Official Website

Some of my past projects include:

Gigi: God’s Little Princess: Based on the book by Sheila Walsh 

Gigi DVD

The live action sequences of Gigi shot in Charlotte, NC, during the same time as The Ultimate Gift. I had a wonderful time visiting that set as well, seeing “Lord Fluffy” in action.

Abigail Fluffy      Abigail Cheryl

Gigi is a sweet story about a young girl who wants to believe she’s a princess. But she finds out she’s a princess because she’s a daughter of “The King.” (God.) But that also means she has to share her crown with all of her other friends because they, too, are princesses. So, for anyone out there with young daughters, this series is a perfect fit!  (Sheila has written many more books and the series continues as animated specials.)


Taylor’s Wall

Taylors Wall DVD

A high school drama about teen violence, produced by Family Theater Productions in Los Angeles, California. They were working on a series called Manifest Mysteries. Each episode plays like an After-School Special, tackling an important social issue.

Copies of the DVD can be purchased through Holy Cross Ministries:


The tragedy at Columbine High School prompted me to write this story.


The Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories Series

(in children’s book and radio style drama shows)

Co-written with Frank Peretti and Sharon Lamson

C'mas Wild Wacky

This project started out as an audio series, where Frank Peretti played all the voices of every character. (Yes, including the women. He is very humorous!) Tommy Nelson Publishers produced 13 CD’s, 4 audio dramas on each one based on themes like Forgiveness, Jealousy, Trust, Faith, and the story of Christmas. I wrote about 35 of the episodes. The project took favorite Bible stories and turned them into funny tales with a touch of modern day humor thrown in.

After the CDs were a hit, selling over 600,000 copies, Tommy Nelson Publishers decided to publish the children’s book version of the audio stories. We wrote one book that contained all of the stories, then four other smaller books that contained stories based on one theme. Sometimes, you can still find used copies online.

Wild Wacky Cover

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