Author Interview with Cheryl McKay

Author Janice L. Dick interviewed me for her website. Check it out here:

Janice L. Dick

Today’s author interview takes us to Los Angeles, California to speak with Cheryl McKay, author and screenwriter, as well as producer. Hello, Cheryl and thanks for taking time to share with my blog readers and me.

Cheryl McKay Cheryl McKay

Janice: How long have you been writing and how did you come to it?

CHERYL:  It started around the time I was 5 years old. I wrote a play based on my Winnie the Pooh lunch box and we acted it out for neighborhood kids. I was always writing plays and short stories. I wrote about 10 plays the year I was fifteen. Well, that’s what I called them. I didn’t realize they were actually screenplays. (Too many locations to be on a stage.) I’d write them on loose paper and then recopy neatly into a notebook, and that was my idea of “rewriting.” I began to study screenwriting in…

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2 comments on “Author Interview with Cheryl McKay

  1. Hi! My family loves your movie The Ultimate Gift and my mom even bought like 50 copies to give to all of her friends!! The morals & values are perfectly on the dot. My mom, Holly Carney, is the author of a children’s book titled Not All Stepmothers Are Wicked. It’s a great book and she plans to write more in order to create a series. Do you have any advice for spreading such strong, kind values in times like today? I’m sure we could all use it- especially my mom. Thanks!!

    • Hi Kiki, Sorry it took so long to see your note. How cool your mom wrote that book. What’s great about these days is we can get our message out there in a variety of ways from traditional or self publishing and she can continue to do that with other messages. I feel it’s best to tell the truth or write what you believe and hope it will find an audience, rather than trying to tailor to what people normally accept or choose. I’d rather be passionate about my message and believe in it than trying to cater to what I think people can accept. I hope she keeps at it!

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